Spicy Barbecue

Smoky spicy sweet & savory all at once, our chef's bold BBQ flavor is a fan favorite.

Spicy Barbecue

Smoky spicy sweet & savory all at once, our chef's bold BBQ flavor is a fan favorite.

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Made with wholesome ingredients including real vegetables, cassava and superfoods like chia seeds and lucuma (no sugar added!).  Under 150 calories per serving, 5g of fiber, and all of the mouthwatering flavor and crispiness you crave.

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Hungry for more? 

  • Organic vegetables are the first ingredients 🌱
  • Made with upcycled, sustainable ingredients 
  • Our snacks actually satisfy hunger with nearly a full day's serving of fiber in each bag
  • Under 150 calories per serving
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO 
  • 5 snackable, shareable servings per bag 😌 

    Oh, and they're guaranteed delicious. We offer a full refund if you say otherwise. 💯

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 232 reviews
    Why I buy these chips...

    First and foremost because they taste great! All the flavors are great. They are satiating, you don't have to eat a lot to get full. I also like that the bag is completely full of chips. You know when you get chips and all the chips are at the bottom? That sucks. I always feel like those companies are deliberately trying to deceive me. Lastly, but not leastly, this is upcycled healthy food. It's so difficult it is to find a good tasting, healthy snack. So check these out!

    Carter Keithley
    Consistently great

    Hard to put down the bag.

    Susan Slansky
    Review of Sea Salt Chips

    They are excellent. I will be definitely buying more in the future.

    Cheree Rogers
    Did you change the recipe?

    A friend introduced me to pulp chips and I loved them. So I ordered 3 bags and they taste totally different. Seems like the recipe changed. They tasted like kale/veggies/pulp. Now they taste bland. Really bummed and will stop my subscription (sad to say).

    Hello Cheree! You're right, the recipe changes slightly due to variability in produce! We are working to make sure we source produce that would otherwise go unloved, and this changes seasonally and with different suppliers. Our latest batch is made from celery and romaine, which imparts a bit less vegetable flavor than kale. I will make sure to let you know when we get our hands on more kale :)

    Arlene Ogletree

    Sea Salt