Variety Pack

Try all of our delicious flavors in one flavor-packed variety pack! 

Variety Pack

Try all of our delicious flavors in one flavor-packed variety pack! 

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Made from wholesome ingredients including fresh vegetables and superfoods like chia seeds and lucuma. Under 150 calories per serving, 5g of fiber, and all of the mouthwatering flavor and crispiness you crave.

Currently shipping: Sea Salt, Barbecue, Jalapeño Lime. Salt Vinegar is out of stock - back July 6th! *Stay posted via email.*

Visit our flavor collection: Salt Vinegar 〰️ Sea Salt 〰️ Barbecue 〰️ Jalapeño Lime

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Hungry for more? 

  • Organic vegetables are the first ingredients 🌱
  • Made with upcycled, sustainable ingredients 
  • Our snacks actually satisfy hunger with nearly a day's serving of fiber in each bag
  • Under 150 calories per serving
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO 
  • 5 snackable, shareable servings per bag 😌 

    Oh, and they're guaranteed delicious. We offer a full refund if you say otherwise. 💯

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 119 reviews
    David Calvert

    A delicious, filling, and feel-good snack!

    Cecile Robes
    Superb Snacking

    Very tasty little crackers! I love the crunch! Also love the fact that they’re full of veggies! My new go to snack😊

    Carra Kelly
    That BBQ Hits the SPOT

    That flavor profile and crunch on the BBQ is exactly what I crave in a mid-afternoon the first ingredients are kale and celery pulp. How cool?!

    Tom Willsey
    Loading up the truck

    Great products....sharing them with everyone I know!!

    Dawn Waibel
    Incredibly Yummy!!!

    I just got my variety pack of Pulp Chips and I’m in love! These chips are so flavorful and have a wonderful texture! I will definitely be ordering more when my current stash runs out!