Pulp Non-Fiction

We're on a mission to usher in a new wave of sustainable nutrition, for all.

We're putting vegetables at the front of your pantry, in unexpected places like cereals, chips and more. We believe that healthy eating shouldn't be complicated. With a little ingenuity, we're here to see that vegetables make it to every aisle of the grocery store.

Our vision is to cultivate a better, more nutritious food reality in communities regardless of income — one day, we hope to be in not just health food markets, but in corner stores in every part of the country.

In the beginning, there was juice. And then, there was Pulp.

It all started when Pulp Pantry's founder Kaitlin Mogentale watched a friend juice a carrot, seeing firsthand the large amount of fresh pulp that was left behind.

"What do you do with your pulp?"

Her friend admitted to having no clue about what to do with the pulp, meaning this resource was destined to go to waste.

With a background in Environmental Studies, Kaitlin's inner food waste warrior couldn't help but want to rescue the carrot's better half. She happily took the pulp home to make her first-ever juice pulp carrot cookies (and they were delicious!).

After calling up a few local juiceries, it was clear that many didn’t have the capacity or resources to do much of anything with their pulp.

Inspired, Kaitlin began to devise a pulp collection system with a juicery on her campus, and the rest is history. Today, we work with large juice manufacturers to make sure tons (tons!) of their nutritious pulp goes to good use – nourishing humanity!


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