Pulp Chips at your Store

Hello! Nice to meet you.

I'm Kaitlin, founder of Pulp Pantry. We are a Los Angeles-based brand looking to transform the veggie chip category - with a real vegetable chip made from fresh ingredients, providing real nutrition and sustainable ingredients (upcycled!). 

This year, we launched in UNFI through the UpNext program. We are excited to work with like-minded retail partners! 

We would love to bring Pulp Chips to your store, too. 

Ready to order samples? Click here to send us an email, or text us 213-373-5327 

For your convenience, you can copy and paste the text below:

Hi Jackie, I'm interested in bringing Pulp Chips in. Please address samples to me, and send to [ADDRESS]. Thank you! 

More Information:

  • How will Pulp Pantry support your store? 
  • Our team has 3 demo reps in the LA-area who are ready to demo at your store! We also support local events with in-kind donations for sampling. We have a quarterly promo calendar that we sync with UNFI, our strongest promotions are during Earth Day, Summer Snacking, and Back to School. We also offer in-store merchandising support through a third-party agency, with weekly store visits to check on inventory and restock shelves. 


  • Where is the product best merchandised?
  • The product is a "real veggie chip" best placed in the vegetable chip section of the alternative chip category!


  • How do I place an order if I want to bring the product in? 
  • You can place an order direct with us through your ordering system, or through UNFI via the codes 17193, 17194, 17195, 17196.

    We look forward to hearing from you.