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one mighty attempt to make sure that fruits and vegetables, so needed in the American diet, don’t go to waste – feeding us instead of feeding the landfill.

Just 13% of Americans eat their daily servings of fruits and veggies, 7% get their daily servings of fiber

If all Americans were to eat their daily V, over 125,000 lives would be saved, plus $50 billion in medical costs. (Union of Concerned Scientists)

We waste over 40% of our food, the biggest chunk of which (39%) is fruits and vegetables. Did you know that millions of pounds of pulp are wasted each year? 

In the landfill, food is the second largest source of methane, accelerating climate change. 

The Numbers

Every pound of food upcycled makes a difference. since november 2019, pulp chips have saved 228,000 lbs of nutritious veggies, translating to:

Water Saved

24,843,988 L

calculated from the water footprint of kale and celery

Cropland Saved

740,418 ft²

calculated from yield per acre for kale and celery