Say Boo To Waste This Halloween: Zero-Waste Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 28, 2021Pulp Pantry
Say Boo To Waste This Halloween: Zero-Waste Halloween Costume Ideas

By Farah Stack

If you’re looking for some zero-waste Halloween costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We love harnessing the power of creativity for the climate movement. Whether it’s utilizing fruit pulp to make our delicious Pulp Chips or using plastic and cardboard waste as our materials for Halloween costumes, we’re helping prevent useful resources from being wasted.

Homemade costumes are more memorable than store-bought ones anyways, especially if you’re working together with friends and family and reusing those egg cartons, milk boxes, and Keurig coffee cups!

Here are some trash-tastic zero-waste costume ideas that are great for any age and look spook-tacular! Happy #trashoween!

Costume Idea # 1 : 

Use recycled materials to make a jetpack {awesome recycled craft idea!}

Get out of this world with an upcycled Jetpack! Put those 2-liter soda bottles to use with some extra tin foil, cardboard, and tissue paper and you’re good to go!

Costume Idea #2 : 

Don’t know what to do with all of those leftover Keurig coffee cups? Save them! Pin them on to some old sweatshirts you have laying around the house and be an octopus this Halloween! Besides, an octopus’s favorite month of the year is OCT-ober.

Costume Idea #3 : 

Big fan of Legos? So much so you want to be one this Halloween? Crafting together some leftover cardboard boxes and yogurt cups makes the perfect zero-waste lego costume!

Costume Idea #4 : 


Say booooo to trash this Halloween and become a ghost! No costume is easier to put together than reusing a couple of bed sheets and throwing on a nice pair of shades. The whole family can do it too!

Costume Idea #5 : 

Feeling corny? Don’t know what to do with those leftover egg cartons? Check out this adorable corn on the cob zero-waste costume that is great for kids, teens, and adults too!

Costume Idea #6 : 

photo:sustainable sirens

Looking for something more elegant? Channel your Bridgerton obsession into a costume? This regal zero-waste ball gown costume puts just about everything you throw out to use. Check out this diagram above to see what trash materials you can use to put it all together!


Costume Idea #7: 


This zero-waste mermaid costume uses wrapping and tissue paper, old nets, rope, sponges, and even bottle caps! Clean up those oceans! 


Have fun and be safe out there! Thanks for being part of the effort to reduce waste this spooky szn :) 


thanks for joining us for a zero waste halloween with Pulp Pantry!





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