Zero Waste at Home: Citrus Peel Simmer Pot (make your home smell amazing!)

Jan 31, 2022Pulp Pantry
Zero Waste at Home: Citrus Peel Simmer Pot (make your home smell amazing!)

Recipe by Aleigh Michelle

 It's citrus season, which means you probably have a ton of peels and discarded bits on hand.

Here's an easy way to use up those citrus peels: make this easy citrus peel simmer pot, which you can leave on the stove to make your house smell amazing.

It's a natural room freshener that can be made from whatever you have at home -- orange peels, lime peels, lemon peels, discarded flowers like roses, yummy spices, you get the gist.

This recipe is so easy, we're giving you a 30 second run through of all you need to know. Try it next time you have peels on hand!



it's officially citrus season so save your orange peels and let's make a simmer pot

1. start with a pot of water add your orange peels, apple cores and other fruit or flower scraps

2. add some cranberries, some whole clove, a dash of vanilla, and some cinnamon

3. bring the pot to a boil and then simmer on low adding water to the pot when needed

This is a great way to use your leftover orange peels and it'll make your home smell amazing so try it! 



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