Feature: NPR, How (We) Built This

Aug 22, 2019Kaitlin Mogentale
Feature: NPR, How (We) Built This
NPR's How I Built This

We're NPR's How I Built That (podcast) obsessed. It's a podcast about many of the world's premiere business owners, and how they managed to grow their companies to significant scale (spoiler alert - it wasn't without grueling hard work and some significant pain). Each business has its own story, none much like the others, and it's certainly an inspiring podcast to listen to as a hustling business owner myself.

One day right when the podcast began a few years ago, we reached out to submit our "How YOU Built That" to air on the end of the segment.

Low and behold, we were selected! The podcast drove many of you to our site, and we're so grateful.

If you didn't get a chance to listen way back when, we're happy to share the episodes Pulp Pantry was featured on those years ago.


Kaitlin Mogentale

Founder, Pulp Pantry



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