Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl for the football, or for the epic commercials, we’ve got you covered with plant-based dip recipes.

Pulp Chip Nachos
Recipe by Jamie Mok, also know as, @the_yogini_rd
Our number one draft pick, fully loaded vegan nachos paired with Sea Salt Pulp Chips.

1 c raw cashews 
3/4 c plant milk
1/4 c nutritional yeast 
3 tbsp lemon juice (1/2 large lemon)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar 
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 
1/2 tsp smoked paprika 
1/2 tsp salt 
1/2 tsp granulated onion powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder 
1 jalapeño (if you like an extra kick)
Pulp Pantry Pulp Chips (Sea Salt and Jalapeño Lime are perfect for these nachos!)

Additional toppings: cooked black beans, salsa, guacamole, shredded cabbage, chopped cilantro, sliced jalapeño, lime wedge 

  • Place cashews in a sealable container, then pour enough water to cover all the cashews and let them soak overnight.
  • The next day, strain the water from the cashews and put into a high-speed blender/vitamix.
  • Add in 1/2 c plant milk, and set the rest aside for later. 
  • Then add in nutritional yeast, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and all the spices. Blend until smooth and creamy.  
  • If opting to add jalapeño, then thinly slice and set some aside for garnish.
  • Warm a small sauce pan over medium heat. Lightly coat pan with olive oil and add in sliced jalapeños. Add in cheese sauce and simmer for 5 mins on low. 
  • Stir in 1 tbsp of plant milk at a time until you achieve your desired consistency. 
  • To build the nachos, lay the first layer of Pulp Chips on a large serving plate. Then layer on cheese sauce, black beans, salsa, guacamole, and shredded cabbage. Garnish with chopped cilantro, sliced jalapeño, squeeze of lime!

  • *I’ve found that the longer the cashews soak, the better it blends smooth. 

Artichoke Spinach Dip
Recipe by Dates and Dimples
This dip + Pulp Pantry’s Jalapeño Lime chips are a winning combo.

3/4 cup chopped yellow onion
1 Tbsp garlic
½ cup cashews, soaked overnight
½ cup plant milk
3 Tbsp nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp white vinegar
3/4 tsp Himalayan sea salt
¼ tsp black pepper
1 can of artichokes
1 ½ cups fresh spinach
1 bag of Pulp Pantry’s Jalapeño Lime chips


  • Pre-heat oven to 425F. Sauté onion until translucent, and then add garlic until fragrant.
  • Blend all ingredients except onion, garlic, artichoke, and spinach until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend until well incorporated but still a chancy (you WANT some texture!).Pour into a loaf or a small square/circle plan and back for 25 min.
  • Serve with Pulp Pantry’s Jalapeño Lime chips and enjoy- a combo made in heaven!


Complete your Super Bowl game plan with Pulp Chips' sure to score flavor combos. Touchdown! 

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