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Pulp Pantry


Katelin Mogentale


Sustainability obsessed, a home chef extraordinaire, this gal is renowned for her commitment to living in light of a greater awareness of her global footprint, whilst subtly manipulating her friends to conserve water and resources. She began Pulp Pantry as a college class project, launching in farmer's markets across Los Angeles upon graduation. In her free time, you can catch her wrists-deep in her urban garden or pulping in the kitchen.  

Ashley Miyasaki


Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ashley currently resides in beautiful Venice, California. In her free time, you can find her trying to pretzel it up in yoga, or sweating it out on the Megaformer (looks like an instrument of death). She's obsessed with business processes, strategy, and is always looking for the most efficient, effective approaches to solving problems (she's an expert at shaving minutes off of Waze's ETA). Ashley is thrilled to be helping all people live their healthiest lives as part of the rockstar Pulp Pantry team.

Ashley Lukashevsky

Graphic Genius

From the jamming in the kitchen to creating beautiful pitch decks, Ashley has been there since Pulp's day one. Ashley enjoys bringing up politics at the dinner table and unintentionally mentions gentrification on a daily basis. You can find her at a local coffee shop working on a new graphic design project or most likely, wherever Kaitlin is. Find her on Instagram at @ashlukadraws. 

Justine Hernandez

Product Lead

Born and raised in Echo Park in a food-centric Polish-Mexican family, Justine is a pastry chef who passionately specializes in bread. After studying at the New School of Cooking, she oversaw the pastry department at Silverlake’s Sawyer, but decided to leave to focus on more sustainable vegan recipes. You can find her baked goods on Instagram at @KneadedFoods.

Michaela Ballou

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Michaela enjoys long walks through the produce department and exploring the great outdoors. She is committed to mindful marketing, female empowerment and saving the world- one Pulp Pantry event at a time. You can find her wanderlusting along the west coast in a sustainable school bus conversion home named June Bug.

Lena Block

Research and Sustainability Intern

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lena has been passionate about living a healthy life ever since she was a kid, thanks to her mom who’s been juicing, smoothie-making, and creating all sorts of healthy snacks in their kitchen since before Lena could talk. While growing up as her mom’s personal taste-tester, her love for creating sustainable, nourishing foods was quickly sparked, which led her to discover Pulp Pantry! When she’s not exploring the delicious vegan food scene that LA has to offer, you’ll either find her in the mountains, or hanging at the beach.

Sunny Park

Marketing Intern

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sunny loves to explore and go on adventures. She spends most of her time getting work done at her favorite coffee shop, Philz Coffee. When she’s not staying at Philz for hours, she is out and about going on food adventures with her friends.

Nina Adarkar

Marketing Intern

Nina is a Bay Area native, foodie, lover of the outdoors, feminist, and current freshman at UCLA majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Environmental Systems & Society. Her first class at UCLA, Food: Lens for Environment and Sustainability, led her to declare Environmental Science as her major and start as a Marketing Intern at Pulp Pantry, helping out with social media, business partners, and graphic design.

Emma Broback

Data and Customer Acquisition Intern

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Emma is now enjoying the Southern California sun while she is studying Mathematics and Economics at UCLA. She loves helping the environment and reducing waste. She also enjoys singing with her a cappella group, Random Voices. In her free time, you can find her trying out tasty new (and mostly healthy) vegan recipes, traveling around the world or just swimming around in the pool.

Guilia Piscatelli

Business Development Intern

Guilia grew up in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and later moved to San Francisco, California. She is a freshman at UCLA and plans to major in International Development Studies with a minor in Food Studies. She is passionate about international development, sustainable agriculture, veganism, nutrition, and minimizing food waste. Her dream is to one day start her own nonprofit to promote sustainable agriculture and food distribution in a developing country. When she’s not thinking about how to save the world, you can find her traveling, eating popcorn, or rewatching The Office.

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