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Meet #ladyboss Amanda Penley

Meet #ladyboss Amanda Penley

Funky fresh illustrator, animator and photographer

Amanda Penley

I'm an illustrator, designer, and all around creator. Natively from the south, I use southern charm mirrored with passion for the craft to create meaningful images, animation, and sometimes films! Now living in Los Angeles, I've been combining two passions illustration with film photography and super8 to build a nostalgic, unique media.


What are you passionate about/driven by right now ? Currently inspired by integrating my illustrations with live action film footage. I'm inspired by my moodboards I create, trying to capture a feeling that then wraps into a story.


What does Pulp Pantry mean to you? What, if anything, resonates with you? Pulp really resonated with me because it spoke to me in 3 principals. 1. Good for you. 2. Women owned 3. Even better for sustainability.


what does the next generation of health, wellness, or sustainability look like to you? I quite honestly think Pulp is a pioneer in the health industry. One because Pulp is all about health and understand how to make the body work best, but supplying it with nutritional food, but also it's sustainable. That's the future, we are going to get smarter about our waste and Pulp is a pioneer.

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