Hi! My name is Pegah & I'm the CEO/founder of PEGACTIVE: FITNESS + FAITH- a company that focuses on all things health -- physically, mentally & spiritually!

What do you do?

I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness & Nutrition Specialist & Flywheel Sports Instructor. I specialize in both co-ed & women’s fitness with the goal of helping others recognize & reach their potential. Aside from fitness, I love to educate on all things wellness, from the latest healthy eats to everyday self-care products & athleisure.

What are you passionate about/driven by right now?

Helping people find balance in their day to day routine, from the inside to the outside: eating, fitness, mental health, ALL OF IT.

What are you working on?

Planning out the rest of my PEGACTIVE WORKSHOPS + SWEAT SESH pop-ups for 2018! Time is just FLYING by.

What does Pulp Pantry mean to you? What, if anything, resonates with you?


Nutritious, healthy and tasty eats. I love that Pulp Pantry is combining the importance of nutrition and living an eco friendly lifestyle.

What does the next generation of health, wellness, or sustainability look like to you?

New-ness. Is that a word? If not, I just made it up..haha. I LOVE seeing all of the new health products & trends come out thanks to the world we live in right now. I also love that social media is a fantastic resource for connecting influencers & these new brands. I am super hopeful that these trends continue.

Any go to recipes or tips for how people can incorporate health and wellness hacks in their daily routine?

Plan ahead. Planning is so important! Whether you're planning your eating or fitness schedule, having ideas down before a new day, week, month, etc.. is helpful. It's common these days to be go-go-go [nothing wrong with that!], so I always recommend planning your meals and snacks ahead of time [if you can].I love pre-packaged healthy eats [like pulp pantry!].

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